In-depth analysis  13/11/13

New opposition movements in Hungary

There has been a proliferation of ‘new’ opposition movements before and after the 2010 elections. They vary in size, ideology, form, structure and their relationship with party politics....
Risk Watch  03/08/12

New cabinet announced in Kuwait

The Emir of Kuwait has re-appointed Sheikh Jabel Al Mubarak Al Sabah as prime-minister. ...
Risk Watch  18/06/12

Kuwait cabinet minister resigns amid rising political tensions

A second Kuwaiti minister has resigned in less than a month as Islamist led opposition are actively demanding half of the cabinet posts....
Risk Watch  04/06/12

Bahrain sentences 6 to 15 year jail terms on terror charges

Bahrain has sentenced six Shiites to 15 years in prison for alleged Iranian-back terrorist attacks in the country....
Risk Watch  03/05/12

Formula 1 held in Bahrain with limited unrest

The successful and relatively peaceful conclusion of Formula-1 in Bahrain eliminates the immediate risk of intense civil clashes....
Risk Watch  03/05/12

Kuwaiti Parliament rejects key four-year development plan

Kuwait parliament's rejection to pass the government's four year development plan raises the level of both economic and political risk....
Flash Report  02/01/12

Hungary: against the wall

The foundering of loan negotiations would definitely leave the Hungarian economy in a catastrophic state with potentially serious domestic political consequences....
Chart of the Week  07/06/11

Diminishing majority

The Hungarian government celebrated its first year in office on May 29. In terms of popularity, their first six months was a success story. Fidesz stabilized its voter base at over 40 percent of all a...
Risk Watch  03/06/11

Government and parliament clash as cracks appear in government

Cracks have appeared within the pro-government supporters in the Kuwaiti parliament, possibly indicating increasing tensions within the ruling family....
Risk Watch  17/05/11

New Kuwaiti government sworn in and grilling requests submitted

The new Kuwaiti government has been sworn in, immediately to face grilling requests from the opposition....
Risk Watch  02/05/11

Bahrain passes death sentence against rioters

Bahrain sentenced four Shiites to death for their role in the riots last month. Although the ruling is subject to appeal, this is an indication that the unrest will not be resolved imminently....
Risk Watch  02/05/11

GCC fails in brokering Yemen deal as AQAP continues its assault against army

The GCC has so far failed in securing a deal to end the standoff in Yemen. AQAP meanwhile have intensified their attacks against the security forces, particularly in the south....
Risk Watch  18/04/11

GCC plan for Yemen solution rejected by protesters

The situation in Yemen is heading towards further complications as signs of splits appear within the opposition camp....
Risk Watch  18/04/11

Sheikh Nasser re-appointed as Prime-minister

Threats by the Kuwaiti opposition to grill Sheikh Nasser as soon as he forms his seventh government in less than five years will likely lead to a complication of the political situation....
Risk Watch  16/03/11

Bahrain declares martial law

The King of Bahrain has declared a three-month state of emergency, in which martial law is imposed. The declaration came after calls by Sunni parliamentarians to declare a state of emergency....
Risk Watch  01/03/11

Bahrain’s king shuffles cabinet

The Bahraini government appears not to have satisfied the demands of the anti-regime protesters, as banned opposition leader returns from exile....
Risk Watch  17/01/11

PM narrowly survives no confidence vote but opposition still call on resignation

The Kuwaiti prime minister narrowly survived a vote of non-compliance in parliament. The very small margin in which the motion was defeated has prompted immediate calls for him to resign....
Risk Watch  03/01/11

Prime minister questioned in parliament as pressure mounts on him to resign

Kuwaiti prime minister is under unprecedented pressure by parliament to resign....
Risk Watch  03/01/11

Ruling party paves way for Saleh to be president for life

Moves by Yemen’s ruling party to enable Saleh to remain president for life are likely to further increase calls for secession in the south....
Flash Report  02/12/10

Smer Smashes Slovak Coalition amid Austerity Angst

Despite getting bounced out of power in last June’s national election, Smer remains Slovakia’s hands-down favorite party, crushing all opponents in the November 27 municipal elections. ...

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