Risk Watch  18/06/12

Oman cracks down on bloggers amid rising local labour walkouts

Omani authorities have cracked down on bloggers with several arrests. There is increasing tension amongst the local population demanding jobs and better standards of living....
Risk Watch  03/05/12

Qatar faces intensified Arab media and cyber attacks

The intensification of cyber and media attacks against Qatar have substantially increased....
Chart of the Week  06/05/11

Freedom of the Press in the EU10 countries

Freedom House published the 2011 edition of its Freedom of the Press Index on May 2. The change from the previous report equals or less than 1 in all EU10 countries, the only exception is Hungary....
Risk Watch  02/05/11

Saudi government impose media restrictions

Saudi Arabia passed harsh media laws that are seen as a direct threat to the country’s reformist journalists....
Flash Report  25/01/11

Hard times for EU Presidency = hard times for EU

Hungary has prepared for the EU Presidency diligently and succeeded in putting its own topics on the agenda, such as the European Roma Strategy. No one had expected it to be a light run....
In-depth analysis  22/01/11

The New Hungarian Media Law: Evaluation and Summary

The analysis examines the Media Law, explores the arguments for and against the legislation, and summarizes the legislation's most important points....
Flash Report  11/01/11

The Challenge of Hungary's European Union Presidency: Success or failure?

2011 is the year Central Europe took over Brussels. Hungary will be at the helm of EU's rotating presidency for the next six months, to be followed by Poland in the second half of the year....
Risk Watch  02/11/10

Mob attacks Kuwait TV station over royal insult

A crowd of over 150, reportedly led by members and supporters of the Kuwaiti royal family, stormed a Kuwaiti private TV station, ransacking its offices and damaging furniture and other equipment....
Risk Watch  02/08/10

Prolonged power cuts in Sharjah leading to unrest and damaging businesses

Repeated and prolonged power cuts in the UAE emirate of Sharjah has damaged the emirates' economy....
Risk Watch  16/06/10

Clashes hit south Yemen as prominent leader calls for Southern president

The situation in south Yemen has deteriorated rapidly as armed clashes are reported between separatists and government forces....
Risk Watch  16/06/10

US criticizes Kuwait over arrest of blogger

The arrest of a prominent Kuwaiti blogger has prompted the US State Department to criticize Kuwait....
Flash Report  15/06/10

Bungling geniuses

Barely two weeks in office, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's administration has experienced a change of fortunes so rapid that onlookers might get whiplash....
In-depth analysis  09/06/10

Hungary Faces Mounting Risks of Corruption, Prejudice and Press Restrictions

Hungary’s 2010 Political Risk Index (PRI) score is 66 points – the first year the country’s political risk has declined since the index began in 2005....
Risk Watch  01/06/10

Reformist Saudi journalist sidelined

The resignation of prominent Saudi reform writer Jamal Khashoggi confirms recent indications that the Saudi authorities are slowing down the reforms they have started....
Risk Watch  18/03/10

Yemeni government closes Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya offices as riots rage

The Yemeni government has shut down the offices of major Arab broadcasters Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya, who provide the main source of news to the Yemenis....
Risk Watch  19/02/10

Bulgarian Missile Defence Row

PM Borisov must decide whether to risk angering Russia by deciding to host part of the US’s planned missile defence system....
Flash Report  10/02/10

A Two-Thirds Majority for Fidesz – Chances, Opportunities and Risks

The opposition Fidesz party is heading into the April election campaign with such a commanding opinion-poll lead that it may gain a two-thirds majority in Parliament....
Risk Watch  02/02/10

Kuwait plans tough punishment for press offenses

Plans by the Kuwaiti government to introduce tough penalties against journalists will lead to an increased threat of civil unrest and will further strain relations with the parliament....

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