Foreign Policy

Flash Report  18/02/15

Putin’s visit to Budapest: demonstration of power, attempts to break EU unity

While we cannot expect that Hungary will be breaking the EU consensus over sanctions alone in the future, Hungary can remain an important member in the club of sanctions-critical EU member states. ...
In-depth analysis  31/03/14

Mutual benefits: Jobbik ‘s pro-Iranian policy

An analysis on the relationship between Jobbik and Iran....
In-depth analysis  14/03/14

The Russian connection

An analysis on the spread of pro-Russian policies on the European far right...
Risk Watch  17/07/12

Egyptian president Morsy makes first overseas trip to Saudi Arabia

The first overseas trip by Egyptian president Mohammed Morsy to Saudi Arabia and the new alliance being formed carries with it significant implications for both countries....
Risk Watch  17/07/12

Diplomatic tensions between Saudi Arabia, Gulf and Russia intensify

Russia and Saudi Arabia have exchanged strong criticisms of each other, with the Russians accusing the Saudis of human rights abuses in the Eastern Province....
Risk Watch  17/07/12

US Navy fires at boat off the Dubai coast

The US Navy has fired at an Indian fishing boat off the coast of Dubai killing one Indian fisherman....
Chart of the Week  20/06/12

Europeans now see China as the leading economic power

Almost 60 percent of people in four large European countries see China as the World's leading economic power....
Risk Watch  04/06/12

Saudi Arabia pledges to build nuclear bomb after Iran

The publication of threats by Saudi Arabia to build a nuclear bomb if Iran does, places the country under an increased risk level....
Risk Watch  17/05/12

GCC countries fail to agree on Saudi-Bahrain proposed union as Iran threatens

The failure of the GCC to accept or even negotiate a Saudi proposal for further integration is a blow to the Saudi regional position....
Risk Watch  17/05/12

US resumes arms sales to Bahrain

The US administration announced that it has decided to proceed with arms sales to Bahrain, despite the ongoing upheaval and protests from both the US Congress and global human rights groups....
Risk Watch  03/05/12

Qatar faces intensified Arab media and cyber attacks

The intensification of cyber and media attacks against Qatar have substantially increased....
Risk Watch  03/05/12

Escalation of rhetoric with Iran as Peninsula Shield holds UAE drills

The escalation of rhetoric between the UAE and Iran continues and increases the overall risk of a diplomatic and possibly in the long-term a military confrontation....
Risk Watch  18/04/12

GCC accuses Iran of provocation as Ahmadinejad visits disputed islands

Tensions have escalated between the UAE and Iran, after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited the UAE island of Abu Musa, occupied by Iran....
Flash Report  18/01/12

The current state of the loan agreement and the options of the government

By now Viktor Orbán has manoeuvred himself into a corner where his options are limited to bad and even worse political choices....
Flash Report  02/01/12

Hungary: against the wall

The foundering of loan negotiations would definitely leave the Hungarian economy in a catastrophic state with potentially serious domestic political consequences....
Flash Report  22/11/11

MOL in Croatia – Lull before the storm

The Croatian government failed to put legal controls on the Hungarian Company’s business share, which means that it will leave the resolution of the problem to the incoming administration....
Flash Report  31/05/11

Mol-affair: Foreign policy coup with potentially risky consequences

On May 24, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán unexpectedly, although not without preliminaries, announced: the government acquired the 21.2% stake of Russia’s Surgutneftegaz in MOL for EUR 1.88 billion....
Risk Watch  17/05/11

Qatar under regional pressure as it pulls out of Yemen role

The regional role of Qatar is under immense pressure....
Risk Watch  02/05/11

Iran relations with GCC deteriorate markedly

The relationships between the GCC and Iran have deteriorated on a number of fronts....
Risk Watch  02/05/11

Syria lifts emergency rule but riots intensify

Syria has lifted the emergency law but the riots intensified calling for regime change. With an increase in US sanctions, the Syrian regime faces greater difficulties....

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