Fiscal Policy

Flash Report  01/03/13

Era of "monetary unorthodoxy" Begins

With the appointment of the new governor all previously independent state agencies and institutions will be run by people with very close ties to Fidesz and a quasi dependence from the PM himself....
Flash Report  10/07/12

Job-saving action plan – double or nothing

With the new job-saving action plan the government placed a „double or nothing” bet....
Flash Report  06/06/12

Government continues to play for time

The government appears to preserve its delaying tactics with regard to negotiations over a credit line with international organizations....
Risk Watch  18/04/12

Dubai Group restarts debt talks

Dubai Group has offered to restart talks with creditors to discuss payback of US$10 billion of debt....
Flash Report  18/01/12

The current state of the loan agreement and the options of the government

By now Viktor Orbán has manoeuvred himself into a corner where his options are limited to bad and even worse political choices....
Chart of the Week  11/01/12

Hungary: 2012 kicks off with a record-breaking first week

2012 couldn’t have started worse for the Orbán cabinet. Most financial indicators declined sharply in December and this trend continued in the first week of 2012, reaching levels never seen before. Hu...
Flash Report  02/01/12

Hungary: against the wall

The foundering of loan negotiations would definitely leave the Hungarian economy in a catastrophic state with potentially serious domestic political consequences....
Risk Watch  03/06/11

Bank deposits increase but banks reluctant to lend

Figures released by the UAE Central Bank indicate that bank deposits have reached their highest level in almost two years....
Flash Report  31/05/11

Mol-affair: Foreign policy coup with potentially risky consequences

On May 24, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán unexpectedly, although not without preliminaries, announced: the government acquired the 21.2% stake of Russia’s Surgutneftegaz in MOL for EUR 1.88 billion....
Flash Report  23/05/11

Government in pensions trap

Almost three million people receive a pension or pension-type allowance. Of those almost one and a half million are below retirement age and claim an allowance based on various legal categories....
Chart of the Week  11/04/11

Successful first quarter for Hungarian CDS spreads

Hungary’s credit default swaps (CDS) dropped to 254 basis points at the end of Q1 2011. In the previous edition of CMA Datavision Global Sovereign Credit Risk Report’s Hungary was among the top 10 ris...
Risk Watch  04/04/11

Continuing unrest undermining Bahrain’s financial hub

Bahrain is losing its edge as a financial centre as banks and financial institutions temporarily leave the country. ...
Flash Report  02/03/11

The Spring of Our Discontent

The Hungarian government outlines an ambitious spending-cut package. The destination is clear, but the road is still under construction....
Flash Report  15/02/11

Orbán's Speech Marks the Start of the Government's Most Difficult Phase

International investors may feel slightly shortchanged by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's state of the nation speech to Parliament February 14....
Risk Watch  17/01/11

Oman approves five-year development plan and endorses record 2011 budget

Oman endorses another five-year development plan. The plan will contribute further to the so far apparently successful economic efforts by the government to diversify the economy....
Risk Watch  17/01/11

Dilution fears for UAE blue-chip stocks

Negative news about two of the UAE’s leading companies threaten to shake economic confidence in the country....
Risk Watch  17/01/11

Dubai's Zabeel seeks debt restructuring as Dubai may seek to privatize assets

Dubai government-affiliated Zabeel group is seeking to restructure over US $1.6 in debt, as the government hints at privatization of infrastructure companies....
Chart of the Week  13/01/11

Hungary Joins the Top 10 Riskiest countries

Hungary has entered the group of the 10 riskiest countries for sovereign debt investors, according to a study by CMA Datavision published January 7. Hungary's credit default swaps (CDS) closed Decembe...
Risk Watch  16/12/10

UAE cuts budget by 6 %

The UAE’s cuts its budget by 6%, freezing spending on universities and cutting spending on utilities....
Flash Report  13/12/10

Wine and Whine: The budding fruits of Hungary’s EU Presidency

As Hungary packs up its Bermuda shorts for a six-month stay at the Brussels beach, it might be fair to ask: What exactly do we expect to get out of this?...

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