Flash Report  27/05/14

The EU will survive

An analysis on the outcomes of the European Parliamentary elections....
Flash Report  21/05/14

Changing Enemies of the Western far-right: from Immigrants to Europe

The more successful populist, Euro-reject parties in the last few years have shifted their platform’s central pillar from anti-immigration in 2009’s EP election to anti-EU in 2014’s EP election....
Flash Report  18/01/12

The current state of the loan agreement and the options of the government

By now Viktor Orbán has manoeuvred himself into a corner where his options are limited to bad and even worse political choices....
Flash Report  02/01/12

Hungary: against the wall

The foundering of loan negotiations would definitely leave the Hungarian economy in a catastrophic state with potentially serious domestic political consequences....
In-depth analysis  13/05/11

Multiculturalism in the Cross-Hairs

The debate on the social integration of the Muslim minority totalling 5 to 8 per cent of the population has risen to the highest political level in the large receiving countries in Europe. ...
Flash Report  25/01/11

Hard times for EU Presidency = hard times for EU

Hungary has prepared for the EU Presidency diligently and succeeded in putting its own topics on the agenda, such as the European Roma Strategy. No one had expected it to be a light run....
In-depth analysis  22/01/11

The New Hungarian Media Law: Evaluation and Summary

The analysis examines the Media Law, explores the arguments for and against the legislation, and summarizes the legislation's most important points....
Flash Report  11/01/11

The Challenge of Hungary's European Union Presidency: Success or failure?

2011 is the year Central Europe took over Brussels. Hungary will be at the helm of EU's rotating presidency for the next six months, to be followed by Poland in the second half of the year....
Flash Report  11/01/11

Tricky 2011 ahead

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who steamrollered over virtually all obstacles to his rule in 2010, will spend the first part of 2011 navigating the pitfalls of power....
Flash Report  13/12/10

Wine and Whine: The budding fruits of Hungary’s EU Presidency

As Hungary packs up its Bermuda shorts for a six-month stay at the Brussels beach, it might be fair to ask: What exactly do we expect to get out of this?...
In-depth analysis  07/12/10

Eastern Europe’s Roma Predicament: Integration or Emigration

Eastern Europe’s Roma, also known as Gypsies, are desperate to break out of the grinding poverty in which many of them live - but they frequently see little hope of doing so in their home countries....
Political Forecast  08/11/10

Half-success: Budget deficit aims 3%

Key Political Trends: Half-success: Budget deficit aims 3%; Restricting the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court; Ferenc Gyurcsány’s two-front battle against Fidesz and the MSZP leadership...
In-depth analysis  02/11/10

The bank tax in Europe and Hungary

While currently it appears to be a success story from an economic and political point alike, the introduction of the bank tax presents significant risks already in the medium term....
Risk Watch  18/10/10

GCC carriers threatened as Air France KLM accuses them of receiving subsidies

GCC airlines feel threatened as Air France KLM accuse them of unfair competition and Canada refuses to grant UAE carriers further landing rights....
Political Forecast  03/09/10

Hungary Faces Increasing Pressure from Abroad

Fidesz’s changes to the election law have made it hard for politicians to run for Budapest mayor. ...
Chart of the Week  27/08/10

Slovakia’s PM Holds Her Ground

New Slovak Prime Minister Iveta Radičová met August 25 with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin to discuss – among other things – the Slovak Parliament’s decision to withhold its €800 million co...
Political Forecast  20/07/10

IMF Casts Doubt on Hungary’s Fiscal Strategy

Although Hungary currently has no urgent need for outside financing, the IMF loan served as a safety net should the country find itself in a tight spot....
Flash Report  15/07/10

Bulgarian Prosecutors Charge Former PM Stanishev

Bulgarian prosecutors charged opposition leader and former Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev with mishandling seven classified reports that went missing during his term in power....
Chart of the Week  04/06/10

How to rock the markets - the Hungarian lesson

Lajos Kósa, managing vice-president of Hungarian governing party Fidesz made the classical mistake which revealed that good governance presupposes good communication....
Risk Watch  06/04/10

Euro Adoption – Prospects and Threats: BULGARIA

Bulgaria’s hopes for joining the Eurozone may be dashed after officials discovered a "hidden deficit" of BGN 2.12 billion that stems from public-works contracts that the previous government signed....

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