Risk Watch  17/07/12

US Navy fires at boat off the Dubai coast

The US Navy has fired at an Indian fishing boat off the coast of Dubai killing one Indian fisherman....
Risk Watch  04/06/12

Saudi Arabia pledges to build nuclear bomb after Iran

The publication of threats by Saudi Arabia to build a nuclear bomb if Iran does, places the country under an increased risk level....
Risk Watch  17/05/12

Dozens killed in fighting between US-backed government forces and AQAP

Dozens of civilians and militants were killed in the most intensive fighting in Yemen since the fall of the former President....
Risk Watch  17/05/12

US resumes arms sales to Bahrain

The US administration announced that it has decided to proceed with arms sales to Bahrain, despite the ongoing upheaval and protests from both the US Congress and global human rights groups....
Risk Watch  03/05/12

Escalation of rhetoric with Iran as Peninsula Shield holds UAE drills

The escalation of rhetoric between the UAE and Iran continues and increases the overall risk of a diplomatic and possibly in the long-term a military confrontation....
Risk Watch  03/06/11

Civil war erupts in Yemen as GCC initiative fails

Yemen has erupted into civil war with various parts of the country falling under the control of opposition groups, including AQAP....
Risk Watch  02/05/11

Iran relations with GCC deteriorate markedly

The relationships between the GCC and Iran have deteriorated on a number of fronts....
Risk Watch  02/11/10

Plane bombs originate from Yemen

The parcel bombs originating from Yemen reflect that AQAP are now operating beyond the borders of the country....
Risk Watch  03/09/10

Japanese tanker struck by suicide bomber

Confirmation that the Japanese tanker hit in the Strait of Hormuz last month was by a suicide bomber indicates that there is an increased Al Qaeda activity in the GCC....
Risk Watch  02/08/10

Oil tanker damaged by explosion in Strait of Hormuz

The possible attack against a Japanese oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz may have been carried out by Iran, Al Qaeda or less likely pirates....
Risk Watch  16/07/10

Kuwaiti anger over Iraqi border comments

A spat between Kuwait and Iraq could lead into more serious crisis for Kuwait both internally and externally....
Risk Watch  01/07/10

Clashes reported in Aden as Yemeni forces hunt intelligence HQ attackers

The eruption of clashes between alleged Al Qaeda and southern separatists on one side against the government make south Yemen an Al Qaeda-sympathetic state....
Risk Watch  01/07/10

Saudi Arabia accused by Iran of assisting Israel

Allegations in the Iranian and Israeli press that Saudi Arabia is cooperating with Israel on possible attack against Iran will raise tensions between the Saudi government and Shiites....
Risk Watch  16/06/10

Saudi Arabia denies opening up skies for Israeli airstrike against Iran

News that Saudi Arabia has agreed to allow Israel to use its airspace to attack Iran will threaten the internal stability of the Kingdom, even though Saudi Arabia has denied the reports....
Risk Watch  01/06/10

At least 10 passengers of crashed Air India plane had fake passports

It emerged that at least 10 travelers on board the Air India jet that crashed after leaving Dubai had fake passports....
Risk Watch  17/05/10

Iran launches naval Gulf excursuses as GCC states strengthen defenses

Naval exercises by Iran in the Straits of Hormuz have prompted GCC leaders to strengthen their joint defenses and call for a united effort against Iran....
Risk Watch  17/05/10

Kuwait imposes blanket media ban on Iranian espionage cell

The media blanket ban by the Kuwaiti authorities on the busted Iranian spy-cell indicate that a confrontation between Iran and the West will almost certainly spill into the GCC states. ...
Risk Watch  03/05/10

UAE-Iranian tensions rise over islands

Tensions have risen between the UAE and Iran over the three disputed islands in the Gulf....
Risk Watch  03/05/10

Kuwait busts Iranian spy cell

The alleged bust of an Iranian spy cell in Kuwait implies that Iran will turn an attack against it by the West into a regional war....
Risk Watch  19/04/10

Defence related clash between parliament and government

Kuwaiti Islamist MP’s have threatened to grill government ministers about the purchase of French fighters....

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