Risk Watch  03/05/12

Kuwaiti Parliament rejects key four-year development plan

Kuwait parliament's rejection to pass the government's four year development plan raises the level of both economic and political risk....
Flash Report  22/11/11

MOL in Croatia – Lull before the storm

The Croatian government failed to put legal controls on the Hungarian Company’s business share, which means that it will leave the resolution of the problem to the incoming administration....
Risk Watch  30/06/11

Jordanian PM tightly survives impeachment on corruption allegations

Jordan’s prime-minister has narrowly survived an impeachment vote in parliament. However, situation in the country appears to be heading towards a political escalation....
Risk Watch  03/06/11

Qatar’s FIFA chief candidate withdraws as Qatar accused of corruption

Allegations of bribery and corruption against Qatar in its attempt to win the right to host the 2022 World Cup will likely have reputation as well as economic consequences....
Risk Watch  17/05/11

Qatar under regional pressure as it pulls out of Yemen role

The regional role of Qatar is under immense pressure....
Risk Watch  02/08/10

Opposition criticize Prime Minister’s visit to Latin America

Kuwait appears to be heading towards a serious political confrontation after leading opposition MP questions a trip by the prime minister to Latin America....
Flash Report  15/07/10

Bulgarian Prosecutors Charge Former PM Stanishev

Bulgarian prosecutors charged opposition leader and former Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev with mishandling seven classified reports that went missing during his term in power....
In-depth analysis  09/06/10

Hungary Faces Mounting Risks of Corruption, Prejudice and Press Restrictions

Hungary’s 2010 Political Risk Index (PRI) score is 66 points – the first year the country’s political risk has declined since the index began in 2005....
Political Forecast  01/06/10

Conflicts with the Central Bank and the northern neighbour

As the new government will have little room for boosting the budget deficit, its economic policy will not represent a sharp turn from that pursued by the Bajnai-cabinet....
Political Forecast  19/05/10

Bulgaria Derailed from the Fast Track to the Eurozone

The Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) government continues to be stable despite persistent economic troubles and a drop in popularity....
Flash Report  26/04/10

Hungary will have its Strongest Government since the Transition

With 68% of the seats in Parliament, Hungarian Prime Minister-in-waiting Viktor Orbán and his Fidesz party will be able to form the most stable government Hungary has had since the transition....
Risk Watch  01/04/10

Bahrain minister sacked in corruption scandal as media ban imposed

The sacking of a Bahraini cabinet minister after being questioned by police and the following media ban on the case raises questions about the seriousness of the government to combat corruption....
Flash Report  26/03/10

Hungarian/Bulgarian corruption busters – cowboy style

Twenty years after communism collapsed, people in Europe’s Wild East are crying out for justice as politicians – many of them former communists – ransack the public purse with impunity....
Political Forecast  09/03/10

Fight against organized crime boosts government's strength in Bulgaria

Public attention is focused on the special operations against organized crime. These operations will allow GERB to establish a normal chain of command in the security services....
Political Forecast  09/03/10

Struggle for power and influence within the Slovenian government

Despite the eternal bickering, the situation in the coalition and parliament is essentially stable. An imminent political crisis, government reshuffle or leadership change is not on the horizon....
Political Forecast  02/03/10

Of Programs and Popularity

Fidesz continues to dominate the polls, regardless of accusations that it does not have a program. The Socialists are pushing a more populist tone in order to mobilize their traditional voters....
Risk Watch  19/02/10

Alexei Petrov Arrested in Bulgaria

Former State Agency for National Security (SANS) official Alexei Petrov was arrested on February 9 during a special operation codenamed "Octopus"....
Risk Watch  19/02/10

The Czech Election Race is Totally Open

The Czech Republic's election race is wide open: Two-, three-, or maybe even four-party coalitions are all possible, including the Communists taking part in a government lead by the Social Democrats....
Risk Watch  19/02/10

Slovak PM Fico Heads into June Elections with no Credible Challenger

Slovakia’s senior governing party Smer may be able to gain an absolute majority in the June elections, unless most small parties pass the 5% for parliamentary representation....
Flash Report  12/02/10

BKV: End of the line for the teflon party

Give credit to the governing Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP)’s PR people. They helped transform Gyula Horn into the man who the greatest number of Hungarians wanted to be prime minister in 1994....

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