Flash Report  10/07/12

Job-saving action plan – double or nothing

With the new job-saving action plan the government placed a „double or nothing” bet....
Risk Watch  18/06/12

New UAE Stock Ownership Rules

The UAE have proposed laws to regulate buying controlling stakes in the stock markets. This will create greater transparency....
Risk Watch  03/05/12

Kuwaiti Parliament rejects key four-year development plan

Kuwait parliament's rejection to pass the government's four year development plan raises the level of both economic and political risk....
Risk Watch  17/06/11

US adds Bahrain to list of human right abusers, as Formula 1 cancelled

The US has severely criticized Bahrain’s human rights record adding it to the list of countries of human rights abusers....
Risk Watch  17/05/11

GCC welcomes Jordan and invites Morocco to join group

The GCC’s invitation to Jordan to join the GCC is a positive step for both the GCC and Jordan....
Risk Watch  17/05/11

Qatar under regional pressure as it pulls out of Yemen role

The regional role of Qatar is under immense pressure....
Risk Watch  18/04/11

Dubai appears to benefit from regional unrest

Dubai appears to be benefiting from the regional unrest as regional investors move funds to Dubai....
Risk Warning  12/04/11

Dubai faces mini-boom

The UAE and the emirate of Dubai in particular are likely to experience a mini-boom as a result of the regional situation....
Chart of the Week  11/04/11

Successful first quarter for Hungarian CDS spreads

Hungary’s credit default swaps (CDS) dropped to 254 basis points at the end of Q1 2011. In the previous edition of CMA Datavision Global Sovereign Credit Risk Report’s Hungary was among the top 10 ris...
Risk Watch  04/04/11

Continuing unrest undermining Bahrain’s financial hub

Bahrain is losing its edge as a financial centre as banks and financial institutions temporarily leave the country. ...
Flash Report  02/03/11

The Spring of Our Discontent

The Hungarian government outlines an ambitious spending-cut package. The destination is clear, but the road is still under construction....
Risk Watch  17/01/11

Oman approves five-year development plan and endorses record 2011 budget

Oman endorses another five-year development plan. The plan will contribute further to the so far apparently successful economic efforts by the government to diversify the economy....
Risk Watch  17/01/11

Dilution fears for UAE blue-chip stocks

Negative news about two of the UAE’s leading companies threaten to shake economic confidence in the country....
Chart of the Week  13/01/11

Hungary Joins the Top 10 Riskiest countries

Hungary has entered the group of the 10 riskiest countries for sovereign debt investors, according to a study by CMA Datavision published January 7. Hungary's credit default swaps (CDS) closed Decembe...
Risk Watch  03/01/11

UAE announces new labour laws

The UAE announced new labour laws that aims to give the expatriate population greater rights....
Risk Watch  03/01/11

UAE announces massive investment in the aviation industry

The UAE announced that it plans to invest AED 500 billion on further improving it’s aviation industry....
Risk Watch  16/12/10

UAE cuts budget by 6 %

The UAE’s cuts its budget by 6%, freezing spending on universities and cutting spending on utilities....
Risk Watch  16/11/10

UAE imposes Visa restrictions on visiting Canadians

Relations between the UAE and Canada have deteriorated as the UAE announces that Canadians will require visas to enter the UAE....
Risk Watch  16/11/10

Central Bank of Bahrain issues news corporate governance rules

Bahrain’s Central Bank announcement that it is introducing corporate governance regulations is a positive move that will likely strengthen Bahrain’s position as a leading financial center....
Risk Watch  16/11/10

Qatar and UAE to scrap controversial sponsorship system

Qatar and the UAE separately announced that they are considering scrapping the Kafeel or sponsorship system for foreign workers....

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