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Risk Watch  03/08/12

Emaar and other leading Dubai companies report large gains

Company results by Dubai’s largest developers, Emaar, Nakheel and Union Properties indicate a modest return to growth....
Risk Warning  12/04/11

Dubai faces mini-boom

The UAE and the emirate of Dubai in particular are likely to experience a mini-boom as a result of the regional situation....
Risk Watch  16/02/11

Dubai’s property market still in decline as UP posts losses

Leading Dubai developer Union Properties posts massive losses in 2010, leading to a sharp decline of shares prices for other developers in the UAE as well. ...
Risk Watch  16/11/10

Abu Dhabi’s Aldar in difficulty as Abu Dhabi faces property oversupply

Abu Dhabi developer Aldar is reportedly seeking a government bailout as it’s CEO resigns, its shares tumble and the government announces that Abu Dhabi has an oversupply of real-estate....
Risk Watch  20/09/10

Dubai World debt appears to be heading for solution

The announcement by Dubai World that it has agreed with most of its creditors on debt restructuring is a positive piece of news that will help Dubai move past the economic crisis....
Risk Watch  03/09/10

Dubai World announces plan to sell its “prized assets”

The announcement that Dubai World will be prepared to sell its “prized assets” to pay off its debt indicates the government-owned entity has been unable to secure support from Abu Dhabi....
Risk Watch  17/08/10

85% of UAE residents in deep debt

A survey has revealed over 85% of UAE residents have personal debts of over US $135,000 each....
Flash Report  13/07/10

Bulgarian Property Market Mired in Financial Crisis

Bulgarian real-estate sales sank 15.5% in the first half of 2010 compared to the first six months of 2009, according to new data from the Bulgarian Registry Agency....
Risk Watch  16/06/10

Blue City may be saved as Abu Dhabi steps in to help

The revival of the Omani flagship project, Blue City, is an indication that Oman’s economic diversification plans are back on track....
Risk Watch  01/04/10

Dubai World restructuring deal offers no long-term solution

Dubai government appears to have solved an immediate debt repayment issue as it effectively takes control of some Dubai World entities....
Risk Watch  18/03/10

Blue City close to liquidation

The eminent liquidation of the Blue City project represents the failure of the country’s flagship and first venture into master-plan developments....
Risk Watch  01/03/10

Arabtec suspends Nakheel work

The stoppage of work by Arabtec on Nakheel projects indicate that the Dubai problems in general are far from over and that chances of a quick recovery are remote....
Risk Watch  20/01/10

Bulgarian Construction Slumps 22%

Construction output plunged 21.9% in November 2009 compared to the same month a year ago, according to preliminary data from the Bulgarian National Statistical Institute published on January 11....
Political Forecast  09/11/09

Draft 2010 Budget Approved by the Bulgarian Government

The Bulgarian government approved the 2010 draft budget which contains tough needed austerity measures. It now faces two readings in Parliament, but its passage is likely....
Risk Watch  01/10/09

Nakheel and Emaar in U-turn over Cityscape; Office prices crash

Dubai’s Nakheel and Emaar have both said they will participate in Cityscape Dubai, after initially saying they will not participate....
Risk Watch  15/09/09

UAE government moves to protect foreign investors

The UAE indicated that it plans to move ahead with a foreign investor protection law, in an effort to attract foreign investors to the country....
Risk Watch  31/08/09

Dubai government-owned entities in panic sale of assets

Dubai government-owned companies have embarked on major reforms and restructuring, as well as panic selling of assets....
Risk Watch  24/08/09

Mixed news on the Polish Economy

Poland continues to be the most mildly affected economy in the region by the crisis, although the government’s attempts to plug the holes in the budget could sharpen the political conflicts....
Risk Watch  15/08/09

UAE Scrapped Minimum Capital Requirement for New Companie

The UAE has scrapped the requirements for new companies to have a minimum capital of Dh 150,000. This will contribute to encouraging new businesses and entrepreneurs to set-up in the UAE....
Risk Watch  15/07/09

Dubai’s Economy Faces More Difficulties

Dubai’s economy faces more difficulties as the merger between lenders and Amlak and Tamweel and their support by the federal government is put into doubt. In addition unemployment is rising....

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