Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia  17/07/12

Saudi authorities arrest Shiite leader triggering protests

Saudi Arabia has arrested leading hardline Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr, triggering protests in the Eastern Province.The protesters have expressed solidarity with Bahrain....
GCC  17/07/12

Egyptian president Morsy makes first overseas trip to Saudi Arabia

The first overseas trip by Egyptian president Mohammed Morsy to Saudi Arabia and the new alliance being formed carries with it significant implications for both countries....
GCC  17/07/12

Diplomatic tensions between Saudi Arabia, Gulf and Russia intensify

Russia and Saudi Arabia have exchanged strong criticisms of each other, with the Russians accusing the Saudis of human rights abuses in the Eastern Province....
GCC  03/07/12

Saudi Arabia increases oil production as EU embargo against Iran starts

Saudi Arabia has increased its oil production to a 30-year high in an apparent attempt to cover the drop of Iran oil exports due to the EU embargo....
Saudi Arabia  03/07/12

Salman chosen as Crown Prince and Ahmad as Interior Minister

Saudi Arabian King Abdullah has appointed Prince Salman as Crown Prince and Prince Ahmad as Interior Minister, following the death of Prince Nayef....
Saudi Arabia  18/06/12

Saudi Crown Prince Nayef Dies

Although his successor is likely to be Prince Salman, and will likely be chosen speedily, it re-opens the internal debate about the longer term succession in the Kingdom....
Iran  04/06/12

Saudi Arabia pledges to build nuclear bomb after Iran

The publication of threats by Saudi Arabia to build a nuclear bomb if Iran does, places the country under an increased risk level....
Bahrain  17/05/12

GCC countries fail to agree on Saudi-Bahrain proposed union as Iran threatens

The failure of the GCC to accept or even negotiate a Saudi proposal for further integration is a blow to the Saudi regional position....
Saudi Arabia  17/05/12

Key Saudi conservative cleric sacked

The sacking, apparently at the request of the leader of the conservative camp Prince Nayef, reflects growing rifts both within the Saudi establishment as well as within the conservative camp itself....
Saudi Arabia  30/06/11

Saudi Crown Prince leaves country for medical reasons

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Sultan has left the country for medical treatment. The king has also relieved a key prince from this duties as head of the prime-minister’s court....
Saudi Arabia  03/06/11

Saudi Arabia announces stricter laws for employing expatriates

Saudi Arabia has passed new labour laws aimed at increasing local employment and restricting expatriate employment....
Saudi Arabia  17/05/11

Bin Laden’s killed in US raid in Pakistan

The killing of Saudi terrorist Osama Bin Laden will likely have implications for Yemen and the GCC, including Saudi Arabia....
Saudi Arabia  02/05/11

Saudi government impose media restrictions

Saudi Arabia passed harsh media laws that are seen as a direct threat to the country’s reformist journalists....
Saudi Arabia  16/03/11

Saudi protests subdued as tensions in the Shiite Eastern Province rise

The Eastern Province has seen increasing tensions and with the events deteriorating in Bahrain, it is expected that the Eastern Province will witness greater unrest in the coming days....
Saudi Arabia  01/03/11

Saudi king returns to country and announces massive aid package

Saudi Arabian King Abdullah has announced a massive aid package in an apparent bid to mitigate risks of growing unrest....
Saudi Arabia  01/02/11

Deaths in floods in Jeddah and demonstrations reported, dozens arrested

Unprecedented demonstrations were reported in Saudi Arabia’s city of Jeddah after deaths were reported as a result of flooding....
Dubai  01/02/11

GCC markets tumble after Egypt protests

Stock markets across the GCC have tumbled as a result of the demonstrations in Egypt....
Bahrain  03/01/11

Oil prices remain above $90 per barrel

The increase of oil price to over US$ 90 per barrel is a positive development for all GCC states and Yemen....
Dubai  01/12/10

Wikileaks claim GCC leaders urged attack on Iran

The US diplomatic cables published by wikileaks is likely to increase the risk of Iranian or Shiite attacks against some GCC states, who are claimed to have pushed the US to bomb Iran....
Saudi Arabia  01/12/10

Saudi king leaves to the US for medical tests

Saudi Arabia is bracing for a period of power struggle between and within the first and second generation princes....

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