Hungary  14/04/15

"I am Eurasian" - The Kremlin connections of the Hungarian far-right

Political Capital's study on Kremlin's connections to the Hungarian far-right....
Hungary  18/02/15

Putin’s visit to Budapest: demonstration of power, attempts to break EU unity

While we cannot expect that Hungary will be breaking the EU consensus over sanctions alone in the future, Hungary can remain an important member in the club of sanctions-critical EU member states. ...
Europe  14/03/14

The Russian connection

An analysis on the spread of pro-Russian policies on the European far right...
GCC  17/07/12

Diplomatic tensions between Saudi Arabia, Gulf and Russia intensify

Russia and Saudi Arabia have exchanged strong criticisms of each other, with the Russians accusing the Saudis of human rights abuses in the Eastern Province....
Russia  02/04/10

Terror Attacks:Enflaming Right-Wing Extremism Among Russians and Muslim Minority

Chechen Islamic rebel leader Doku Umarov, the self-styled Emir of a breakaway region in southern Russia, claimed responsibility for the bombings on the Moscow subway that claimed 39 lives....
Bulgaria  19/02/10

Bulgarian Missile Defence Row

PM Borisov must decide whether to risk angering Russia by deciding to host part of the US’s planned missile defence system....
Albania  15/02/10

Support for the Macedonian Government Remains High

The latest polls show the greatest number of Macedonians supporting the governing coalition, but some of them indicate the main opposition party is closing the gap....
Bulgaria  11/02/10

Back by Popular Demand

The extreme right is in demand - at least in Eastern Europe. That's the conclusion of Political Capital Institute’s Demand for Right-Wing Extremism Index (DEREX), published in Hungarian weekly HVG....
Hungary  20/01/10

E.U. Beckons, Economy Bleakens in Montenegro

Montenegro in 2009 saw positive developments in its bid to EU-accession. However, the economic outlook hasn't improved for 2010, which forecasts numerous conflicts in the new year....
Bulgaria  03/12/09

Russia’s Far-Right Friends

Far-right parties in several eastern European countries have become prominent supporters of Russian interests and admirers of the Russian political-economic model....
Poland  05/10/09

Thaw in Polish-Russian Relations?

There are more and more signs that Poland and Russia is willing to normalize relations....
Bulgaria  03/09/09

Putin-Borisov Meeting on the Joint Energy Projects

Russia shows no sign of relieving pressure on Bulgaria over energy issues....
Albania  03/06/09

Conflicts and Declining Popularity due to Austerity Measures in Serbia

The government's popularity dipped due to austerity measures required by the IMF stand-by agreement. Also, conflicts arose between the coalition parties due plans to cut the number of ministries....

Positive Developments in Montenegro-EU relations

The competent EU bodies (COREPER, GAERC) paved the way for the Montenegrin membership application, and a comprehensive questionnaire will soon be sent to the Montenegrin authorities....
Hungary  13/05/09

Shift in Hungary’s Russian policy

The change in government represents a shift in foreign policy as well, and, thanks to mutual gestures of good will, an earlier cool relationship between the cabinet and Mol appears to be on the mend....
Hungary  02/04/09

Russian Economic Expansion Targets Hungary

Russia’s political and economic influence in Hungary significantly rose after Surgutneftegaz unexpectedly bought a 21% stake in Mol, Hungary’s national oil company....
Croatia  09/03/09

No Threats to Government Stability in Slovenia for the Moment

Slovenia continues to remain an economically and politically stable country, but the border dispute with Croatia puts burden on the government...
Hungary  13/01/09

Stable PM, Rising Risks in Hungary

Thanks to the passage of the budget and his management of the crisis, Ferenc Gyurcsány’s position has stabilized. However, he faces an active Fidesz and a worsening economy....
Russia  09/09/08

Political and economic consequences of the "Gas War"

The gas conflict between Russia and Ukraine has a negative impact on both countries but can accelerate EU’s actions towards decreasing energy- and political dependence on Russia....
Bulgaria  08/09/08

Georgian-Russian conflict: deepening rift on the Hungarian right

Unexpectedly the Hungarian right-wing and far-right parties and organizations do not reject the Russian standpoint in the Georgian conflict....

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