Europe  11/10/12

How to tackle the far right? Delusions and new Proposals

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Budapest and Political Capital Institute organized a conference on strategies against right-wing extremism....
Hungary  01/03/12

Attitude radicals in Hungary – in international context

The threat of high level of attitude radicals is that a prejudicial, nationalist and anti-establishment public can push mainstream parties and political leaders toward a more radical position....
Hungary  26/07/11

The political prospects of the radical right in Hungary

Following its mayoral election victory in Gyöngyöspata, Jobbik is guaranteed to make regular references to it and see its policy of generating ethnic tensions in small communities justified....
Bulgaria  04/05/11

The second season of patrolling in Hungary

Background of recent events in Gyöngyöspata – an In-Depth analysis by Political Capital....
Yemen  17/01/11

Soldiers killed in multiple attacks as unrest continues in the south

A number of soldiers were killed by attacks by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in the south of the country, as the south was gripped by demonstrations against the Sanna regime....
Hungary  22/12/10

Anti-Semitism and Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories

A Joint Conference by Political Capital Institute and Central European University....
Hungary  16/11/10

Far right veering off the rails

Jobbik’s leaders are not skirmishing with each other in public. But beneath this facade of unity, internal rifts are threatening to tear the party asunder....
Kuwait  02/11/10

Mob attacks Kuwait TV station over royal insult

A crowd of over 150, reportedly led by members and supporters of the Kuwaiti royal family, stormed a Kuwaiti private TV station, ransacking its offices and damaging furniture and other equipment....
Saudi Arabia  17/08/10

Al Qaeda leader urges killing of Christians

The call by an Al Qaeda Saudi leader reaffirms the organization’s position calling their supporters to kill Christians and Saudi royals....
Yemen  02/08/10

Fragile truce in Saada appears to be collapsing as clashes intensify

The truce between the Houthi rebels and the Yemeni government appears to be cracking after several days of fighting....
Yemen  16/06/10

Clashes hit south Yemen as prominent leader calls for Southern president

The situation in south Yemen has deteriorated rapidly as armed clashes are reported between separatists and government forces....
Greece  06/05/10

Greece: On the Road to “Symmetric Radicalization”

Hostility toward international financial institutions skyrocketed in Greece after its government agreed to austerity measures in return for economic assistance from the IMF and the EU....
Hungary  11/04/10

Jobbik Scores Big in Hungary’s Parliamentary Election: Now what?

The ultra right-wing Jobbik party’s successful performance in the first round of Hungary’s general election may come as a shock, but it is no surprise....
Slovakia  06/04/10

Fico: Boarding schools for Roma children

The fact that few Slovaks (beyond Amnesty International) condemned Fico’s statement proves that anti-Roma sentiments are broadly accepted, both in Slovakia and the region....
Yemen  01/03/10

State of emergency declared in southern Yemeni provinces

The Yemeni government has declared a state of emergency in the south after policemen were killed. This was followed by widespread riots across the south....
Saudi Arabia  15/02/10

Sixth Saada Conflict Ceasefire Holds in Yemen

The ceasefire between the Houthi rebels and the government seems to be holding. This could mark the end of the Sixth Saada War, allowing the government to concentrate on the Southern separatists....
Dubai  15/02/10

Hamas Leader Assassinated in Dubai

The assassination of a senior Hamas leader in Dubai threatens to tarnish the image of the emirate as one of the region’s most open, yet safest....
Bulgaria  11/02/10

Back by Popular Demand

The extreme right is in demand - at least in Eastern Europe. That's the conclusion of Political Capital Institute’s Demand for Right-Wing Extremism Index (DEREX), published in Hungarian weekly HVG....
Bahrain  18/01/10

Protests erupt against government plans on subsidies

The possibility of the Bahraini government limiting food and petrol subsidies has resulted in the eruption of protests in Bahrain....
Yemen  18/01/10

Clerics call for Jihad against foreign military intervention

Leading Islamic clerics in Yemen have called for a Jihad against foreign intervention in the country. This call will make it more difficult for the government to fight Al Qaeda....

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