Hungary  14/10/10

Reform plans – How will Fidesz spend the next four years?

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, slammed by opposition leaders and market analysts for his secretive approach to policymaking, has now removed all doubt....
Hungary  13/10/10

The political consequences of the red sludge catastrophe in Hungary

On October 4, a waste reservoir at an aluminum plant burst its banks, unleashing some 700,000 cubic meters of red sludge. The government has responded to the crisis in the most popular way possible....
Hungary  07/10/10

Fidesz - Absolute Majority at all Levels

Hungary’s governing Fidesz Party and its subgroup, the Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP), achieved an overwhelming victory in the October 3 municipal elections....
Hungary  05/10/10

New, old foes were not up to the task

Fidesz, the party that scooped up 68 per cent of the seats in Hungary’s Parliament last April, has done it again....
Hungary  04/10/10

Hungary’s Local Elections: Fidesz Clobbers Opponents

Fidesz, which leads the strongest government since 1990, has reached all of its political goals by extending its power over most municipalities....
Bulgaria  16/09/10

Anti-Immigrant Prejudice in Central and Eastern Europe

Political Capital's analysis on attitudes toward migrants in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Poland....
Hungary  14/09/10

Fidesz ready to leap final hurdle to hegemony

Barring a catastrophe on the scale of an extraterrestrial invasion, the governing Fidesz party will demolish all comers in the 3 October municipal elections....
Czech Republic  06/09/10

Change of Government – A New Hope?

Among the Visegrad nations (Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia), Hungarians have the dimmest view of their country’s economic situation and their personal finances....
Hungary  03/09/10

Hungary Faces Increasing Pressure from Abroad

Fidesz’s changes to the election law have made it hard for politicians to run for Budapest mayor. ...
Hungary  09/08/10

Step in the wrong direction

The government has decided to make it possible for any woman who has worked 40 years to retire no matter what her age. The rule represents a risky step in the wrong direction....
Hungary  20/07/10

IMF Casts Doubt on Hungary’s Fiscal Strategy

Although Hungary currently has no urgent need for outside financing, the IMF loan served as a safety net should the country find itself in a tight spot....
Hungary  20/07/10

Hungarian-Slovak Network to Reset Political Dialogue

Political analysts, researchers and members of civil organisations in Slovakia and Hungary have created an open network to stimulate dialogue on issues that affect the entire Visegrad region....
Hungary  12/07/10

Cornerstone Global Associates forms Strategic Partnership with Political Capital

Political Capital are delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Cornerstone Global Associates to collaborate on projects in their markets of operations....
Hungary  12/07/10

Are homophobic people more right-wing than toleranted ones?

The graph below illustrates the difference in the left-right political orientations of people who are homophobic or toleranted in 23 European countries. A higher score means people who dislike homosex...
Hungary  12/07/10

Fidesz & hubrisz

The biggest political calamities are sometimes the consequence of the most obvious political mistakes. This may be the case with the new Declaration of National Cooperation....
Hungary  08/07/10

Deeply Unhealthy

Economist: „A commendably thorough paper from Political Capital, a Budapest-based research outfit, highlights the mess the new government has inherited and the unrealistic nature of its promises"...
Hungary  06/07/10

How Medicine May Break The Bank

In 2010, Hungary’s governing Fidesz party raised expectations for healthcare that are going to be hard to meet. If Fidesz fails to live up to them, an opportunity may open for the extreme right....
Hungary  15/06/10

Bungling geniuses

Barely two weeks in office, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's administration has experienced a change of fortunes so rapid that onlookers might get whiplash....
Hungary  09/06/10

Hungary Faces Mounting Risks of Corruption, Prejudice and Press Restrictions

Hungary’s 2010 Political Risk Index (PRI) score is 66 points – the first year the country’s political risk has declined since the index began in 2005....
Hungary  08/06/10

Orbán’s New Action Plan Will Help Hungary Maintain Its Strong Fiscal Position

Concerns about whether Hungary’s new government will loosen budgetary discipline appear to have been laid to rest....

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