Hungary  07/02/12

Not your typical angry young men

Jobbik Facebook fans young, educated, eurosceptic, pessimistic & prejudiced....
Hungary  01/02/12

Populism in Europe: Hungary

Demos and the Political Capital Institute released the first ever study of the Jobbik party’s Facebook fans, based on over 2,000 survey responses....
Hungary  18/01/12

The current state of the loan agreement and the options of the government

By now Viktor Orbán has manoeuvred himself into a corner where his options are limited to bad and even worse political choices....
Hungary  11/01/12

Hungary: 2012 kicks off with a record-breaking first week

2012 couldn’t have started worse for the Orbán cabinet. Most financial indicators declined sharply in December and this trend continued in the first week of 2012, reaching levels never seen before. Hu...
Hungary  02/01/12

Hungary: against the wall

The foundering of loan negotiations would definitely leave the Hungarian economy in a catastrophic state with potentially serious domestic political consequences....
Hungary  28/11/11

IMF-deal: the stress-test of the Orbán-government

Moody’s downgrade of Hungary’s sovereign debt to ‘junk’ status is a clear sign that the government’s eccentric and “unorthodox” economic policy has proved unsuccessful....
Croatia  22/11/11

MOL in Croatia – Lull before the storm

The Croatian government failed to put legal controls on the Hungarian Company’s business share, which means that it will leave the resolution of the problem to the incoming administration....
Hungary  26/10/11

New election system: nothing is carved in stone

As it is difficult to foresee shifts in party system in coming years, governing party strategists find it hard to decide which electoral system would offer benefits to the alliance led by Fidesz....
Hungary  26/07/11

The political prospects of the radical right in Hungary

Following its mayoral election victory in Gyöngyöspata, Jobbik is guaranteed to make regular references to it and see its policy of generating ethnic tensions in small communities justified....
Hungary  20/07/11

New election system in Hungary: under construction

At its July 9 meeting the Fidesz presidency discussed options for a new election system,although no decision has been reached on key issues....
Hungary  27/06/11

Gyurcsány’s last grab for control

The infighting among the Socialists has little actual political substance but that does not mean little is at stake. What we are witnessing is a brute battle for power....
Hungary  07/06/11

Diminishing majority

The Hungarian government celebrated its first year in office on May 29. In terms of popularity, their first six months was a success story. Fidesz stabilized its voter base at over 40 percent of all a...
Hungary  31/05/11

Mol-affair: Foreign policy coup with potentially risky consequences

On May 24, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán unexpectedly, although not without preliminaries, announced: the government acquired the 21.2% stake of Russia’s Surgutneftegaz in MOL for EUR 1.88 billion....
Hungary  23/05/11

Government in pensions trap

Almost three million people receive a pension or pension-type allowance. Of those almost one and a half million are below retirement age and claim an allowance based on various legal categories....
Hungary  16/05/11

Jobbik needs Jews to run the world

This is an edited & updated version of a talk given at the “Conspiracy Theories and Anti-Semitism” conference organised by Political Capital & held recently at the Central European University....
Hungary  08/05/11

The Valence casino case: government’s gamble

Given the political back-story, it should come as no surprise that the Chief Public Prosecution Service has requested that parliament lift former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány’s immunity....
Hungary  06/05/11

Freedom of the Press in the EU10 countries

Freedom House published the 2011 edition of its Freedom of the Press Index on May 2. The change from the previous report equals or less than 1 in all EU10 countries, the only exception is Hungary....
Bulgaria  04/05/11

The second season of patrolling in Hungary

Background of recent events in Gyöngyöspata – an In-Depth analysis by Political Capital....
Hungary  26/04/11

Squandered opportunity for consolidation

The constitutional set-up did not become socially consolidated following the 1989-90 change of regime....
Hungary  22/04/11

Regime Consolidation: A Missed Opportunity

The new constitution in Hungary is not anti-democratic; however, it does harm to the conditions of Hungary’s medium- and long-term political stability....

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