Bulgaria  08/09/08

Georgian-Russian conflict: deepening rift on the Hungarian right

Unexpectedly the Hungarian right-wing and far-right parties and organizations do not reject the Russian standpoint in the Georgian conflict....
Hungary  04/09/08

Hungarian PM's Fate Hinges on the 2009 Budget

The fate of Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány and the minority government will be determined by the two major issues before Parliament this fall: the tax legislation and the budget....
Hungary  27/08/08

Hungarian PM announces cautious autumn agenda

The PM offers a tax cut deal in the following four years, but only in line with the convergence program and only if there is extra income deriving from a much more transparent taxation culture....
Hungary  21/08/08

The Apollo-affair: Fidesz and the “alien capitalists”

The Apollo-affair and the attacks against Hankook reveal the contradictions in the political strategy of Fidesz: the conflict between the opposition position and the pre-government position....
Hungary  18/08/08

In Wait for an Action Plan in Hungary

The government will reveal its action plan for Parliament’s autumn session in late August or early September. SZDSZ will decide on whether or not to support the government after they have seen it....
Bulgaria  14/08/08

The impacts of the Russian-Georgian war on the CEE countries

After the Russian-Georgian war general anti-Russian sentiments are likely to rise and companies with Russian interests and future Russian investments will face PR problems in the CEE region....
Hungary  31/07/08

Hungarian Socialists: Back to Bottom

The rise in MSZP’s approval rating last month proved to be a temporary one, so they face the same problems that they had in the spring. ...
Hungary  16/07/08

Radical Right in the Spotlight after Gay Pride Day in Hungary

Radical demonstrators perturbed the procession on Gay Pride Day, which was condemned by parliamentary parties. Mr. Gyurcsány failed garner support for his “Hungarian Charta” initiative....
Hungary  02/07/08

Gains for the Hungarian Left

Ferenc Gyurcsány’s position as the head of the government and MSZP has improved. SZDSZ has also strengthened, which could make it a possible ally to FIDESZ in seeking early elections....
Hungary  13/06/08

Hungarian Opposition Courting Economic Actors

Fidesz is consciously courting economic players, preparing for an early election. The presidential election of SZDSZ has failed to produce a stable situation in the party....
Hungary  11/06/08

Fidesz and economic policy risks

While the detailed economic policy of Fidesz leaders cannot be foreseen from their declarations, it became obvious that the next government also will have a tight room for economic maneuvering....
Hungary  02/06/08

Tension grows between the NBH and the political elite

The National Bank of Hungary (NBH) was criticized by both the Hungarian government and the opposition after increasing the interest rate. We expect the political pressure to increase in the future....
Hungary  27/05/08

Shrinking Manouvring Room of Hungarian PM

The political environment is becoming less and less advantageous to the government. Fidesz has started a campaign that is aimed at attacking the government on economic grounds....
Hungary  16/05/08

‘State dependence’ of Hungarians is a major block to economic growth

Economic and political processes in Hungary are extensively influenced by voters’ anti-market and anti-competition sentiments. This has a considerably negative effect on competitiveness. ...
Hungary  08/05/08

Hungarian PM's Position Stabilized

Ferenc Gyurcsány's position has stabilized for the moment, it can only be maintained if he is successful in garnering parliamentary support for the proposals of the minority government....
Hungary  22/04/08

The implications of a European slowdown for Hungary

The US subprime crisis will substantially reduce economic growth in the US and in Europe. As a result, Hungarian exports will likely decline and reduce the chances of a healthy economic growth....
Hungary  18/04/08

Instability in Hungary Due to the Results of the Referendum

The new government is not likely to initiate reforms and it will possibly enact popular measures to cater former MSZP voters. Ferenc Gyurcsány's has significantly weakened, but he has no alternative....
Hungary  04/04/08

HUF’s vulnerability rising

The consequences of the 9 March referendum and the ongoing coalition crisis have sharply raised the vulnerability of the Hungarian currency (HUF)....
Hungary  01/04/08

Coalition break-up: Short-term political forecast (valid only for 2 months)

Following the referendum the position of the PM has become unstable, the coalition tensions have risen.Hence the risky moves of the Prime Minister in the last days....
Hungary  21/03/08

Refrendum a Major Defeat of the Government of Hungary

While the results of the referendum is a big defeat of the government, reshuffle is not expected in the next few months, but policy changes will follow....

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