Hungary  16/04/09

Crisis poses threat to pension benefits and the pension reform alike

The economic crisis threatens all three pillars of the Hungarian pension system. The next government(s) under pressure would have to simultaneously meet conflicting the expectations/needs....
Albania  08/04/09

Montenegrin Elections Result in a clear win for DPS

The Montenegrin PM, Milo Djukanović-lead DPS cemented its two-decade old rule, and the opposition fragmented further. As a result the new government will have free hand in policy making....
Hungary  07/04/09

Gordon Bajnai to Become the New Hungarian PM

Last week the chances for an early election considerably diminished, its not in anyone's interest. Gordon Bajnai will most certainly become the new PM....
Hungary  03/04/09

Hungary: Breaking up with the region?

On the 4th of March the Hungarian currency began to fall, contrary to the rising currencies of other national currencies region. After a sudden fall the EUR/HUF rate reached the limit of 312....
Hungary  02/04/09

Russian Economic Expansion Targets Hungary

Russia’s political and economic influence in Hungary significantly rose after Surgutneftegaz unexpectedly bought a 21% stake in Mol, Hungary’s national oil company....
Hungary  30/03/09

New PM candidate plans serious austerity measures in Hungary

After Gordon Bajnai has received the support from both the majority of MSZP and SZDSZ factions, it is very likely that he can be the successor of Ferenc Gyurcsány....
Hungary  23/03/09

Hungary: what’s next?

Following de facto resignation of the Prime Minister of Hungary there are two likely scenarios: 1) early elections or 2) a new government supported by the socialist MSZP and the liberal SZDSZ....
Hungary  05/03/09

Weakening Hungarian PM

Numerous setbacks weakened the PM before the MSZP congress. Fidesz's strategy seems unchanged, regardless of the crisis and the rising far-right....
Bulgaria  17/02/09

The loser takes it all? - Crisis management techniques in new EU member states

Countries of the region had to settle in for a long and deep economic slowdown. The political fallout may be the most severe in where loosening the budget is not an option....
Hungary  13/02/09

Anti-Roma sentiment is getting out of hand in Hungary

The process that started in the autumn of 2006 with the Olaszliszka lynching seems to be completing its course. Political discourse on the Roma question has swung from one extreme to the other....
Hungary  06/02/09

Hungarian Government Announced Tax Package to Regain the Offensive

At Parliament’s extraordinary session the PM announced a larger-than-expected HUF 1000 bln tax reform package, well received by economic players. Ferenc Gyurcsány wants to regain the offensive. ...
Hungary  13/01/09

Stable PM, Rising Risks in Hungary

Thanks to the passage of the budget and his management of the crisis, Ferenc Gyurcsány’s position has stabilized. However, he faces an active Fidesz and a worsening economy....
Bulgaria  12/01/09

The Rise of the Extreme Right in Central-Eastern Europe

In the past two months a number of extreme right were banned by court order in East- and Central-Europe.With a consistent policy, radical rhetoric may lose ground in the medium term....
Hungary  12/12/08

The Crisis Stays in the Center of Hungarian Politics

The economic crisis has the government with little room for maneuvering until the 2010 election. Fidesz seems to have abandoned hopes for an early election and plans on taking over in 2010....
Hungary  05/12/08

Can Hungary become a bioethanol superpower?

Biofuels production offers an economic growth potential for Hungary in the short- and medium term, moreover, first-generation biofuels may utilize annual surpluses of agricultural production....
Hungary  25/11/08

Slovak-Hungarian Conflict in the Financial Crisis

The emerged conflict between Hungary and Slovakia is a direct consequence of the financial crisis and could linger for some time, creating both domestic and foreign policy problems for the PM....
Hungary  11/11/08

Hungary In the Crisis: Union Strikes and Rising Tensions with Slovakia

Atrocities at a soccer match in Dunajská Streda/Slovakia lead to rising tensions with Slovakia. Due to the crisis-mandated austerity measures, unions plan strikes. The IMF granted a rescue package....
Hungary  03/11/08

The political consequences of the financial crisis in Hungary

The financial rescue package has restored the confidence in the Hungarian economy and currency in the short run. However, there is a risk that the crisis will amplify the existing deficiencies....
Hungary  18/10/08

Extremists increase their influence over society in Hungary

Far right activism since the autumn of 2006 have increased its potential social base and political playing room. Anti-Semitism and anti-roma sentiment continue to be a major identity-building force....
Hungary  08/10/08

Resurgent Hungarian Prime Minister, Paralysed MSZP

In the past few weeks Ferenc Gyurcsány’s position has stabilized somewhat. The „spy scandal” will remain the most important political topic in the coming period....

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