Bahrain  18/01/10

Investments in industrial city expected to reach US $ 8 billion

Bahrain has announced that US $3.5 billion have been invested in its industrial city, which is under construction. The city is an integral part of the country’s plans to diversify its economy....
Croatia  10/12/09

Political Turbulence in Croatia Hammers Hungary’s Mol

Croatia's government, opposition and media commentators are slamming MOL after uncovering what they consider irregularities in MOL's purchase of a 22% stake in Croatia's biggest energy company, INA....
Slovenia  09/12/09

Privatization is in sight to mitigate the budget shortfall in Slovenia

Many economic analysts say Slovenia will not be able to avoid a new wave of privatization.Some assert that the government is already drawing up a list of companies in which to divest....
Hungary  08/12/09

2010 Budget Passed in Hungary

The smooth passage of the 2010 budget marks the beginning of the end for the Bajnai cabinet. The budget was the government’s last major hurdle....
Kosovo  22/10/09

Stable Macedonian Government, but Clashes over an Encyclopaedia

The Macedonian Government and the economy remains stable, but the Macedonian Encyclopaedia caused stirs in the coalition. There were also positive developments in EU integration and Kosovan matters...

UAE Adopts Nuclear Law ahead of Power Plant Contracts

The United Arab Emirates has adopted a civilian nuclear energy law that paves the way for contracts worth US $41 billion for the construction of power plants....
Montenegro  07/10/09

Stable Montenegrin Government, worrisome economic trends

The government seems stable now, and the opposition is busy with themselves for now. However, the economic problems are growing continuously, and they could pose serious problems in the near future....
Poland  05/10/09

Thaw in Polish-Russian Relations?

There are more and more signs that Poland and Russia is willing to normalize relations....

Rising Tensions in Bosnia-Herczegovina

Bosnians will be potentially able to enter the EU without a visa starting May 2010, but the domestic troubles over the necessary austerity measures trump the agenda....
Kuwait  15/09/09

Kuwait signs deal to generate electricity

Kuwait signed a contract to build the Subiyya power plant, which is expected to generate 2,000 megawatts of electricity by 2012. This will help alleviate severe power shortages....

Plans to explore setting-up “Gas City” in Yemen

Plans to construct “Gas City” by a UAE-based consortium will likely help fill the gaps in the country’s finances in the long-term, but more immediate political and economic solutions are needed....
Bulgaria  10/09/09

Conflicts between the President and the PM over energy issues in Bulgaria

President of Bulgaria George Parvanov severely criticized the new government for the lack of continuity of the energy policy....
Albania  07/09/09

Montenegrin Government Faces Internal Conflicts

The EU and NATO integration tracks are still considered a success, but coalition conflicts have begun....
Bulgaria  03/09/09

Putin-Borisov Meeting on the Joint Energy Projects

Russia shows no sign of relieving pressure on Bulgaria over energy issues....
Hungary  13/08/09

Roma Murders in Kisléta Dominate Political Discourse in Hungary

The latest attack against a Roma family in Kislétamoved the Roma issue and public security back to the agenda. Meanwhile, conflicts are expected within the MSZP over the strict 2010 budget....
Yemen  31/07/09

Yemen to Start Shipping Liquefied Natural Gas

Yemen will start shipping Liquefied Natural Gas from Balhaf. The Total-led project will generate significant income for the Yemeni government, which is struggling with dwindling oil resources....
Hungary  24/07/09

Bajnai's Government Strengthened

Political developments of the past weeks have strengthened the Hungarian government's stability and minimised the chances of an early election. ...
Albania  21/07/09

The Bosnia and Herzegovina Stand-by Agreement with the IMF is in Question

The BiH stand-by agreement with the IMF is jeopardized by the FBiH government’s inability to agree upon budget revision. ...
Bahrain  15/07/09

Agreement Will Help Alleviate Electricity Shortages in GCC Countries

The signing of the agreement for the GCC-wide connection between the electricity grids of the GCC member states will help alleviate electricity shortages in various GCC countries....
Oman  16/06/09

Simplification of the Tax System in Oman

Oman has simplified its corporate tax laws to woe foreign investors, offering a fixed 12 percent tax on all corporations working in Oman....

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