Hungary  03/09/10

Hungary Faces Increasing Pressure from Abroad

Fidesz’s changes to the election law have made it hard for politicians to run for Budapest mayor. ...
Slovakia  27/08/10

Slovakia’s PM Holds Her Ground

New Slovak Prime Minister Iveta Radičová met August 25 with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin to discuss – among other things – the Slovak Parliament’s decision to withhold its €800 million co...

85% of UAE residents in deep debt

A survey has revealed over 85% of UAE residents have personal debts of over US $135,000 each....
Yemen  17/08/10

New major gas discoveries in various governorates

Discoveries of gas in various Yemen governorates will help the country generate more income as its oil resources, the main source of income, rapidly dwindle....
Hungary  20/07/10

IMF Casts Doubt on Hungary’s Fiscal Strategy

Although Hungary currently has no urgent need for outside financing, the IMF loan served as a safety net should the country find itself in a tight spot....
Dubai  16/07/10

Nakheel presents offer to creditors on restructuring debt

Nakheel has presented an offer to creditors to restructure the debt. This is seen as a cautiously positive move....
Dubai  16/06/10

U.A.E. economy becomes a two-tier economy, Dubai still facing problems

The UAE and Dubai economies appear to be decoupled. The UAE is projecting growth of up to 4% next year, while Dubai continues to slump. Further contraction in Dubai is expected this year....
Hungary  09/06/10

Hungary Faces Mounting Risks of Corruption, Prejudice and Press Restrictions

Hungary’s 2010 Political Risk Index (PRI) score is 66 points – the first year the country’s political risk has declined since the index began in 2005....
Dubai  01/06/10

Dubai Holding unit requests a loan repayment standstill

Dubai International Group, part of Dubai Holding, has announced it plans to ask for a standstill on payments on loans that are due in June....
Greece  06/05/10

Greece: On the Road to “Symmetric Radicalization”

Hostility toward international financial institutions skyrocketed in Greece after its government agreed to austerity measures in return for economic assistance from the IMF and the EU....
Kuwait  19/04/10

Finance panel rejects Amiri decree on loans

Rejection of the citizens’ bailout bill by the government is another area of a looming confrontation between the government and parliament....
Bulgaria  06/04/10

Euro Adoption – Prospects and Threats: BULGARIA

Bulgaria’s hopes for joining the Eurozone may be dashed after officials discovered a "hidden deficit" of BGN 2.12 billion that stems from public-works contracts that the previous government signed....
Romania  06/04/10

The Romanian economy refuses to budge

The economic situation in Romania could well be worse than the government makes it out to be....
Kuwait  01/04/10

Kuwaiti banks may sue Saudi Saad and Algosaibi groups

The collapse of talks between Kuwait banks and the troubled Saudi Saad and Algosaibi group will likely lead to court action, increasing the possibility of dragging major institutions across the GCC....
Dubai  01/04/10

Dubai World restructuring deal offers no long-term solution

Dubai government appears to have solved an immediate debt repayment issue as it effectively takes control of some Dubai World entities....
Oman  18/03/10

Blue City close to liquidation

The eminent liquidation of the Blue City project represents the failure of the country’s flagship and first venture into master-plan developments....

UAE bans 800 large companies in breach of wage payment laws

The UAE ministry of labour has stopped 800 of the country’s large companies from hiring staff. This came as a result of the ministry’s efforts to address non-payment of wages to staff....
Greece  03/03/10

The impact of the Greek crisis on Hungary

Hungary, which was close to bankruptcy at the end of 2008, made brutal spending cuts. The Greek government meanwhile responded to the crisis with lavishly spending money that it did not have....
Hungary  02/03/10

Of Programs and Popularity

Fidesz continues to dominate the polls, regardless of accusations that it does not have a program. The Socialists are pushing a more populist tone in order to mobilize their traditional voters....
Dubai  01/03/10

Dubai World debt proposal still not finalized

Contradictory remarks by the Dubai government and Dubai World are further indication that issues of governance, transparency and communications are not being addressed....

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