Capital Markets

Bank deposits increase but banks reluctant to lend

Figures released by the UAE Central Bank indicate that bank deposits have reached their highest level in almost two years....
Dubai  12/04/11

Dubai faces mini-boom

The UAE and the emirate of Dubai in particular are likely to experience a mini-boom as a result of the regional situation....
Bahrain  16/11/10

Central Bank of Bahrain issues news corporate governance rules

Bahrain’s Central Bank announcement that it is introducing corporate governance regulations is a positive move that will likely strengthen Bahrain’s position as a leading financial center....
Dubai  18/10/10

Dubai continues to successfully sell bonds

Dubai has successfully accessed the international bond market again, raising US $ 2 billion from international investors....
Dubai  02/08/10

Dubai to set-up stock market for small firms

Dubai's announcement that it plans to start a stock market for small and medium size companies is a good move in consolidating Dubai's position....

Unified financial sector laws for UAE in pipeline

The UAE announced that a committee tasked with unifying the country’s financial laws has met....
Kuwait  01/07/10

Drama in Kuwaiti parliament

Fierce debate in the Kuwaiti parliament is likely to spill into major crises after the summer recess....
Hungary  05/06/10

Hungarian Govt Plans Drastic Response to HUF Crisis

Political Capital expects the Hungarian government reacts to the crisis fast and will announce austerity measures to stabilize the budget and the exchange rate. ...
Kuwait  01/04/10

Kuwaiti banks may sue Saudi Saad and Algosaibi groups

The collapse of talks between Kuwait banks and the troubled Saudi Saad and Algosaibi group will likely lead to court action, increasing the possibility of dragging major institutions across the GCC....
Qatar  01/04/10

Qatar eases rules on share dealing as shares surge

Qatar is about to relax rules relating to the trading of stocks on its stock market. Although overdue, this will increase Qatar’s competitiveness and contribute positively to the economy....
Dubai  01/04/10

Dubai World restructuring deal offers no long-term solution

Dubai government appears to have solved an immediate debt repayment issue as it effectively takes control of some Dubai World entities....
Saudi Arabia  18/03/10

Saudi Arabia plans to launch stock market for foreigners

Saudi Arabia has indicated that it plans to move to allowing indirect foreign investment in its stock market, Tadawul....
Montenegro  01/03/10

DPS strengthens its domination of the Montenegrin political scene

Neither the hardships of the global economic crisis nor a scathing IMF report on Montenegro’s fiscal performance has managed to loosen the governing Democratic Party of Socialists’s grip on power....
Bahrain  15/02/10

Al Gosaibi File New Claims against Sanea

Al Gosaibi family has filed a court case against Al Sanea in New York in their long running family business dispute....
Kuwait  15/02/10

Kuwait's Parliament Approves US $104bn Four-year Development Plan

Kuwait's parliament last week passed a $104bn four-year development plan, the first for decades, proposed by the government....
Kuwait  02/02/10

Parliament passes capital market law

The Kuwaiti parliament unanimously passed the first reading of the Capital Market bill that calls for stringent supervision and regulation of the Kuwait Stock Market....
Hungary  20/01/10

E.U. Beckons, Economy Bleakens in Montenegro

Montenegro in 2009 saw positive developments in its bid to EU-accession. However, the economic outlook hasn't improved for 2010, which forecasts numerous conflicts in the new year....
Romania  14/12/09

Presidential Vote Fails to Break the Romanian Political Deadlock

The contest between incumbent Traian Băsescu and his Social Democratic opponent, Mircea Geoană, was a nail-biter until the very end. However, it failed to result in a clear cut situation....
Romania  08/12/09

Presidential Vote Fails to Resolve Political Deadlock

Hopes that Romania's presidential election would break the political logjam were dashed as accusations of election fraud undermine the credibility of incumbent President Băsescu’s slim victory....
Albania  04/08/09

New Croatian PM Facing the same problems as his predecesssor

The new PM Jadranka Kosor is facing largely the same problems as his predecessor, such as economic slowdown, fight against corruption and organized crime, and EU accession. ...

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