Bahrain  03/08/12

Bahrain’s Alba see profits drop

Bahrain’s Alba, one of the country’s biggest economic contributors, suffered a loss of revenue, which are blamed on a lowering of global aluminium prices as well as higher energy costs....
Bahrain  17/07/12

Bahraini government pays compensation to victims of unrest

The Bahraini government has started paying compensation to the families of the 17 protestors killed during the unrest in the country last year....
Bahrain  18/06/12

Bahrain Appeals Court convicts medics for role in uprising

Bahrain’s Appeals Court has convicted nine medics for their alleged role in the local unrest. All the medics are Shiite....
Bahrain  04/06/12

Bahrain sentences 6 to 15 year jail terms on terror charges

Bahrain has sentenced six Shiites to 15 years in prison for alleged Iranian-back terrorist attacks in the country....
Bahrain  17/05/12

GCC countries fail to agree on Saudi-Bahrain proposed union as Iran threatens

The failure of the GCC to accept or even negotiate a Saudi proposal for further integration is a blow to the Saudi regional position....
Bahrain  17/05/12

US resumes arms sales to Bahrain

The US administration announced that it has decided to proceed with arms sales to Bahrain, despite the ongoing upheaval and protests from both the US Congress and global human rights groups....
Bahrain  03/05/12

Formula 1 held in Bahrain with limited unrest

The successful and relatively peaceful conclusion of Formula-1 in Bahrain eliminates the immediate risk of intense civil clashes....
Bahrain  18/04/12

Formula 1 announcement triggers protests

Bahrain’s Shiites have called for mass protests against the decision to hold Formula One in the country....
Bahrain  17/06/11

US adds Bahrain to list of human right abusers, as Formula 1 cancelled

The US has severely criticized Bahrain’s human rights record adding it to the list of countries of human rights abusers....
Bahrain  17/05/11

Bahrain to lift state of emergency from June 1

The King’s decision to lift the state of emergency days before it is due to expire and its welcome by the Shiite opposition indicates that both sides are ready to start reconciliation efforts....
Bahrain  02/05/11

Iran relations with GCC deteriorate markedly

The relationships between the GCC and Iran have deteriorated on a number of fronts....
Bahrain  02/05/11

Bahrain passes death sentence against rioters

Bahrain sentenced four Shiites to death for their role in the riots last month. Although the ruling is subject to appeal, this is an indication that the unrest will not be resolved imminently....
Bahrain  18/04/11

Bahrain delays ban of main Shiite parties

The situation in Bahrain is far from being resolved with government threats to ban mainstream Shiite party Al Wefaq. ...
Bahrain  04/04/11

Continuing unrest undermining Bahrain’s financial hub

Bahrain is losing its edge as a financial centre as banks and financial institutions temporarily leave the country. ...
Bahrain  16/03/11

Bahrain declares martial law

The King of Bahrain has declared a three-month state of emergency, in which martial law is imposed. The declaration came after calls by Sunni parliamentarians to declare a state of emergency....
Bahrain  01/03/11

Bahrain’s king shuffles cabinet

The Bahraini government appears not to have satisfied the demands of the anti-regime protesters, as banned opposition leader returns from exile....
Bahrain  16/02/11

Riots in Bahrain spread as government restricts internet

Bahrain faces unprecedented mass demonstrations, inspired by the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions, as two protesters were killed and dozens wounded....
Bahrain  03/01/11

Oil prices remain above $90 per barrel

The increase of oil price to over US$ 90 per barrel is a positive development for all GCC states and Yemen....
Bahrain  16/12/10

Bahraini regime seeks to reach out to Shiite

Bahrain’s King has been making conciliatory remarks aimed at improving relations with the Shiite community....
Bahrain  16/11/10

Central Bank of Bahrain issues news corporate governance rules

Bahrain’s Central Bank announcement that it is introducing corporate governance regulations is a positive move that will likely strengthen Bahrain’s position as a leading financial center....

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